About Me

Raised a resilient, down-to-earth farm girl in rural Alberta, Marcie Mazurenko never imagined that she would be enhancing her extrasensory gifts as an energy healer, spiritual medium and intuitive coach. A natural leader, Marcie worked in the marketing and non-profit sectors for a number of years. The sudden passing of her parents, however, only eleven months apart, rocked her to her very foundation. As she valiantly sought to restore her personal equilibrium and replenish her life energy, she turned inward to nurture her spiritual side, subsequently training in an array of different wellness modalities. Now, as a Reiki master, certified Bio-Energy Healing and Access Bars practitioner, this powerful intuitive and Akashic Records reader provides us with life guidance, clarity, and the invaluable insights needed to move us forward on our spiritual journey.

Marcie’s Intuitive Advantage program focuses on helping you achieve higher levels of professional and personal success by connecting with your own intuition and spiritual team. The popular belief is that if we search externally to get what we want - the prestigious career, the high-level salary, the perfect romantic partner, the right-sized body, then we’ll be happy. Working with Marcie, you’ll come to understand the truth. When you work internally to change those debilitating patterns and create a calm, confident, joyfully rewarding relationship with yourself, all those things you crave just flow to you naturally!

Get to know Marcie through a free connection call or mini reading. Her warm personality, light energy and intuitive gifts are a winning combination to provide you with enlightened insights to elevate your life!